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Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
Work: systems modeling, control and optimization; vehicle dynamics and control; traffic system modeling, sensing and control; nonlinear control theory
Biographical: Dr. Xiao-Yun Lu (吕晓云) Research Engineer PATH, Institute of Transportation Studies University of California, Berkeley Richmond Field Station, Bldg 452 1357 S. 46th Street Richmond, CA 94804-4648 Tel: 1-510-665 3644 Cell: 1-925-247 4493 Fax: 1-510-665 3537 Email: xylu@path.berkeley.edu Homepage: http://path.berkeley.edu/~xylu
Favourite Publications: D. J. Bell and X. Y. Lu, 1992, Differential algebraic control theory, IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, Vol. 9, p361-383 X. Y. Lu and S. K. Spurgeon, 1997, Robust sliding mode control of uncertain nonlinear systems, Systems & Control Letters, Vol. 32, no. 2, p75-90 X. Y. Lu & S. K. Spurgeon, 1998, Asymptotic stabilisation of multiple input nonlinear systems via sliding modes, Dynamics and Control, Vol. 8, p231-254 X. Y. Lu and J. K. Hedrick, 2003, Longitudinal control algorithm for automated vehicle merging, Int. J. of Control, Vol. 76, No. 2, p193-202 X. Y. Lu and J. K. Hedrick, Heavy-Duty Vehicle modeling and longitudinal Control, Int. J. of Vehicle Systems Dynamics, Vol. 43, No. 9, Sept. 2005, p653-669 Lu, X. Y., P. Varaiya, R. Horowitz, D. Su and S. E. Shladover, A novel freeway traffic control with variable speed limit and coordinated ramp metering, Transportation Research Record #2229, TRB, 2011, pp55-65

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