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Location: 807 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN USA
Work: GENERALCHEMISTRY/BIOCHEMISTRY/Inorganic Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry/Writing/REVIEWING
Biographical: Short CV Professional Preparation University of Missouri St. Louis, Ph.D. Bioinorganic Chemistry (1999) Memberships and awards: 1.Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) since 1994. 2.ACS-President’s Club Member since 2005, C&EN News, April 2005. 3.Lifetime member of Phi Lambda Upsilon Honor Society. 4.Past Member of the Medicinal Chemistry section of the ACS. 5.Past Member of the Council on Undergraduate Research. 6.Recipient of the University of Missouri-St. Louis Alumni Research Award. 7.Recipient of various grants from NSF-EPSCoR 2001-2005. 8.Recipient of Henry McBay Grant and ACS-SEED grants 2006-2010. Selected Publications 1."Spectroscopic and potentiometric studies of the interaction of adenine with trivalent metal ions” Hamada, Y.Z., Green Jasmine*, Shields Veronica*, Pratcher Monique*, Gardener Shandera*, Waddell, E., Shreeves, S., Sunda-Meya A., Phambu, N. J. Coord. Chem. 2010, 63 (2) 284-295. 2.“Equilibrium models of Cr3+ and Cu2+ with glutamate” Hamada, Y.Z., Holyfield Herman*, Rosli Khalid*, Burkey T. J. Coord. Chem. 2009, 62 (5) 721-733. 3.“Speciation of Mo(VI)-Citrate complexes in aqueous solutions” Hamada Y.Z. Bayakly, N. Denisha George*, Troy Greer* Synthesis and reactivity of inorganic and metal-organic and nano-metal chemistry 2008, 38, 664-668. 4.“Interaction of L-3,4-dihydroxyphynlealanine (L-DOPA) as a coordinating ligand with a series of metal ions: reactions of L-DOPA” Hamada, Y.Z. and Rogers Cassietta*. J. Coord. Chem. 2007, 60 (20) 2149-2163. 5.“Accurate potentiometric studies of chromium-citrate and ferric-citrate complexes in aqueous solutions at physiological and alkaline pH-values” Hamada, Y.Z., Bayakly, N. Peipho Andrew*, Carlson Brandon* Synthesis and reactivity of inorganic and metal-organic and nano-metal chemistry 2006, 36, 469-476. 6.“Stability Constants of Aluminum with Phosphonic Acid Derivatives and Multinuclear NMR-Measurements in Aqueous Solutions”, Harris, W.R. and Hamada, Y.Z., Inorg. Chim. Acta. 2006, 359 (4) 1135-1146. 7.“Interaction of malate and lactate with Cr(III) and Fe(III) in aqueous solutions” Hamada, Y. Z., Dangberg Joseph*, Carlson Brandon*. Synthesis and reactivity of inorganic and metal-organic and nano-metal chemistry, 2005, 35, 515-522. 8.“Potentiometric and UV-Vis spectroscopy measurements of citrate with the hexaquo Fe3+and Cr3+ metal ions” Hamada, Y.Z., Shank, Jeremy*, Carlson Brandon* Synthesis and reactivity of inorganic and metal-organic chemistry, 2003, 33, 8, 1425-1440. Selected Abstracts (37) 1.“Iron Glycine hydroxo complexes in aqueous solutions” Hamada, Y. Z., 239th ACS-National Meeting, San Francisco, paper 415. Division of Inorg. Chem., March 21-25, 2010. 2.“Speciation and Equilibrium of Malic Acid and Citramalic Acid with Aluminum” Hamada, Y.Z. and Marcus Harris, 235th ACS-National Meeting New Orleans, LA. Paper #1222, April 6-10, 2008. 3.“Multifaceted study of glutamic acid with Cu2+ and Cr3+ metal ions in aqueous solutions” Herman Holeyfield and Hamada, Y.Z., 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, Paper #1082, March 25th-29th, 2007. 4. “Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy studies and potentiometric measurements 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) with the ferric ion” Hamada, Y.Z., Cassietta Rogers, 231st ACS National Meeting. Division of Chem. Ed. Paper # 633, Atlanta, GA, March 26th -30th, 2006. 5.“Spectroscopic studies and potentiometric titrations of Cu2+ and Cr3+ with 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA)” Hamada, Y.Z., D. White, 231st ACS National Meeting. Division of Chem. Ed. Paper # 632, Atlanta, GA, March 26th-30th, 2006.
Favourite Publications: Nature Science Journal of coordination chemistry J. Inorganic Biochemistry

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I have published many more articles since 2012.

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