Yajaira Bastardo

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Location: Venezuela, Caracas
Work: Pharmacoeconomics, Health Technology Assessment , Quality of life, Outcomes Research, Medication Use and Health Behaviors.
Biographical: Contact Information: e mail: yajairabm@gmail.com, yajaira.bastardo@ucv.ve office phone: 58-212-6052346. Working languages: Spanish & English. Bio: Dr. Yajaira Bastardo is Professor and Chair of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacy Administration at the Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela. Yajaira also teaches graduate courses in Pharmacoeconomics in the Sanitary Surveillance of Medicines Program of the National Health Institute “Rafael Rangel” in Caracas, Venezuela and in the Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of the Valley of Guatemala. Guatemala City. Yajaira received her BSc (Pharmacy) degree from Central University of Venezuela and, in 2010; she completed a Ph.D. in Pharmacy Health Care Administration at the University of Florida. Yajaira had occupied several positions in the School of Pharmacy at the Central University of Venezuela including Administrative Director (2010-11) and Coordinator of the Health Care Program (2002-2010). Yajaira is Founder Member of ISPOR Latin America Consortium, Founder President of ISPOR Venezuela Regional Chapter and Co-Editor of News Across Latin America Newsletter. Yajaira’s primary research interests include quality of life, health care decision making, pharmacoeconomics and health technology assessment.
Favourite Publications: Value in Health, Quality of Life Research, American Journal of Managed Care, BMJ, Medical Care, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

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