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Starting a new proposal on study to determine why HIV Patients present late for care in Nigeria.

user image 2009-03-07
By: Yusuf Abdu Misau
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Dear All,i am begining a reserach proposal on a study to determine why HIV patients presents late for care at primary care centers in Nigeria. i intent to do two phased study begining with cross sectional survey( Thanks to Peter for selling this concept), my second phase of the study will be a qualitative study but i need an advise on what methodology to follow. does phonomenology fits in or ethnology?
Yusuf Abdu Misau
26/03/09 02:06:58AM @yusuf-abdu-misau:
Dear Peter,i am not sure of your availability but then i want to say that you have left a big vacumm over the last few weeks you are away. may we please know when you are back from Manila?


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