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Research Cooperative
10/01/11 12:54:30PM @chief-admin:

Dear Yusf,

There may some useful new leads in my new posting here:

It would be great if Bioline International could provide hosting support for JPHA

Umma Aliyu Musa
07/06/10 11:46:33PM @umma-aliyu-musa:
Thanks a lot. I hope so cos I may be completley literal and non medical.Regards to your family.U
Research Cooperative
24/04/10 08:13:01PM @chief-admin:
Dear Yusuf,JPHA itself can be a member, if you sign up the journal with a journal email, and the journal logo as a profile photo. Then both you and the journal can join the Health & Medicine Group at the Research Cooperative, to give the project further visibility.See:
23/04/10 12:20:24PM @ashiru-hamza-muhammad:
Yusuf, I cant believe how the idea is fast moving. This is really going to be colossal. Africa is truly in need of operational researches and I feel this is a stride in the right direction. Kudos!!!
Research Cooperative
16/04/10 07:19:45PM @chief-admin:
Dear Yusuf,I have created a group for "Health and Medicine" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please visit here: Thanks, Peter
Research Cooperative
27/02/09 08:19:16PM @chief-admin:
Dear Misau,I will respond to your next set of questions soon, but next week I will be travelling to the Philippines again for field work. I would like to shift our discussion to your own page here, so am copying the latest questions here as well. An alternative would be for you to start your own project discussion thread in the general projects forums (using your working-project title for example), where it will be more open to all members of the Cooperative.Best regards, PeterMissau wrote (26th February)):Dear Peter,Thank You so much Dr Peter for this wonderful help to me. I accept ALL the suggestions you made and i will start incorprating the suggestions as soon as possible.I wish to draw you attention and further ask your opinion to some issues raised by the audience during the presentation,1. it was suggested that even the first phase i should go directly into the community to recruit the participants rather than to limit my self to hospital.2. that i should consider expanding the scope from polio to include other vaccine preventable diseases like measles and whooping cough and diptheria pertussis. according to the observer, coverage for all these remain low, partly due to similar problem, so why single out polio.3. that the quantitative survey should aim at identifying those who immunise their children and those who did not and then conduct the qualitative inquiry exclusively among those who did not immunised their children4. as you rightly observed i am ask to see to the inclussion of the vaccine providers which you wonderfully listed for me in your last mail.so i will be glad if you can review these opinions.concerning sponsorship, i thank you for the links, i will explore as soon as possible. but i wish to inform you that at the moment as a staff of my state ministry of health i have a monthly salary of 1000USD, and with my modest life i feel i can take care of my study if it comes to that. i am not pessimistic but i have hardly gets it easy so i am ready to forge ahead dispite all odds.i really cannot have enough words to thank you for the effortsyusuf misau..


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