Ahmed Abubakari

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Location: Kumasi
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Location: Kumasi, Ghana
Work: Environment, Climate change, Sustainable development, Urban planning, Poverty, vulnerability and livelihood systems
Biographical: Ahmed Abubakari c/o Prof. Romanus D.Dinye Centre for Settlements Studies PMB, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana abukson1987@yahoo.com +233243414162
Favourite Publications: ScienceDirect Springer Horse SpringerLink Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Africa Development African Environment

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Maria Grazia Franzini
09/03/11 06:47:52AM @maria-grazia-franzini:

I thank you for inviting me. It's kind of you.

I'm still learning about "The Research Cooperative"...Hope to get to know colleagues and learn as much as I can from them. (Before being a freelance translator, I had worked in a public library).

Have a nice day

Research Cooperative
07/03/11 06:59:29PM @chief-admin:

Dear Ahmed,

Thanks very much for joining. Is there any chance you could persuade Professor Dinye to also join. I would really like to build up the network in Ghana with both students and more senior researchers.

I would be happy to communicate directly with Prof. Dinye if that is possible.

Best regards, Peter M. (Associate Professor, Ethnobotany & Prehistory, National Museum of Ethnology, Japan) (and founder of the Research Cooperative)


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