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Location: USA Pacific Northwest
Work: Ayurveda Particularly, Vedic Psychology
Biographical: Born & Educated in the UK Profession was radiation oncology for 30 years. Am Practicing and learning ayurveda in the USA and India.
Favourite Publications: Yoga Journal: Tathaastu: Yoga and Health: Light on Ayurveda: Radiology:

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mark keister
22/03/11 07:03:32AM @mark-keister:
Yes, I do not check mail very often as I do not have Internet at the house. . .
Research Cooperative
16/04/10 09:16:04PM @chief-admin:
Dear Ann,I have created a group for "Health and Medicine" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please see here: Thanks, Peter
Ann Mary Holaday
30/10/09 02:27:21AM @ann-mary-holaday:
I cannot make this at such short notice, but I have invited a couple of colleagues, one who is working with MS clients in France and an ayurvedic physician in India, and my associate in India who has done some amazing work on Vedic psychology.Do you have protocol criteria? I mean a standard questions on which we could place our patients?
Dr Mukesh Jain
29/10/09 02:00:48PM @dr-mukesh-jain:
Bhilai Ayurveda Seminar is scheduled on 19th & 20th December 2009 at Nehur House of Culture, Sector 1 Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India

Visit at

Dr Mukesh Jain
26/10/09 09:58:20PM @dr-mukesh-jain:
Ann,I am ready to work together on MS. Send your detailed plan to me.Do you have any plan to visit India in December 2009. We are organizing a scientific update on Ayurveda. Let me know if you are interested to join Seminar in Bhilai India.Regards
Dr Mukesh Jain
20/07/09 06:11:08PM @dr-mukesh-jain:
You can open an account in copy the below link and paste in your computer http://address
Dr Mukesh Jain
18/06/09 02:21:18PM @dr-mukesh-jain:
Hello Ann,Welcome to this research forum.Mukesh D Jain want to share my recent work with you for comments and reveiw. It is in the google document.


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