Anne Therese Mabanta Fabian

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Location: Pampanga, Philippines
Work interests: art and culture studies, museum studies, intangible heritage, local culture & heritage, food studies
Affiliation/website: Eightheads Art Studio | This Side UP Casting
Preferred contact method: Any
Preferred contact language(s): English, Filipino
Favourite publications: International Journal of Intangible Heritage, Varia - Anthropology of Food, ICOM Newsletters

Founding Member

Location: Pampanga, Philippines
Work: Art Studies/Art History Cultural Studies/Local Culture Studies Museum Studies Heritage Management Intangible Heritage
Biographical: English, Filipino, Kapampangan
Favourite Publications: International Journal of Intangible Heritage

Business Manager, Art & Cultural Heritage

  • Co-Founder/Business Manager, Eightheads Art Studio, 2019-present;
  • Business Manager, This Side UP Casting, 2016-present

Experienced Business/Project Manager in Arts & Culture, with a demonstrated history of academic & administrative work in the higher education industry (Arts & Humanities)

Skilled in Culture & Heritage Management, in the contexts of Local Cultural Heritage, Intangible Heritage, Art History, Culinary Studies, Local Curatorship, Community Museums, and Teaching Art...

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Research Cooperative
07/02/12 05:52:04PM @chief-admin:

Dear Anne,

Your article is now shown here .

The article may be cited as:

A. T. M. Fabian (2012) Academic Publishing in the Philippines. Short Communications of the Research Cooperative , No. 1, pp. 1-3 (Online, 7th February 2012).

Research Cooperative
03/02/12 04:19:15PM @chief-admin:

Dear Anne,

Thanks - I have been tied up with production of a book this week. I will get onto O-desk this weekend, and look forward to seeing your article.

Best regards, Peter

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