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Location: Dublin,Ireland
Work: At present I am attending a Diploma Course in Print Journalism. I would like to get my work published and I am also interested in Research

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Francess Day
31/01/09 10:20:37PM @francess-day:
Hi BarbaraI'm brand new and just sussing this out. See my member page.
Barbara Spain
27/01/09 06:02:10PM @barbara-spain:
Hi Aletta ,thank you for your kind email.I am glad to hear you are relocating to Ireland.Sure You can tell a bit more about yourself and send your photo.Barbara
Michael Bales
06/01/09 03:42:22AM @michael-bales:
Hi Barbara,Nice to hear from you. I am finishing my PhD at Columbia University in New York, NY. My research is on social network analysis and visualization. Right now I'm developing a search system designed to help researchers understand the published literature. Normally when researchers query the scholarly literature using the PubMed/MEDLINE database, they get a list of articles back. Using my prototype system researchers do a query and then get a social network style diagram of the authors, institutions, journals, and so on. In this way the system helps people understand the structure of the community, i.e., what research is happening where; who is coauthoring with whom, etc. My dissertation project is to evaluate out whether researchers find the system useful, and what they think it might be useful for.Best of luck with your course in Print Journalism. If I can be of any assistance as you work on getting your work published, feel free to drop me a line.All the best,Michael Bales
04/01/09 11:47:31AM @sylvia:
Hi Barbara.I'm very glad to read your comment.may I add you as friend? haha...I'm an Indonesian, but I'm studying in Taiwan now.At present I am attending a Master degree in Chemical engineering. i'm doing a research now. and I would like to get my work published, maybe for next year.