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Location: New York, NY
Work: Social network analysis and visualization

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Barbara Spain
03/01/09 04:20:20AM @barbara-spain:
Hi Michael, I just joined this site,what type of research are you interested in.Im studying print journalism at the moment.Im also interested in Research in Social Sciences.Barbara
Research Cooperative
05/12/08 08:29:51AM @chief-admin:
Dear Michael,Thanks very much for joining the Research Cooperative. Are interested in online social networks?My own attempts to analyse the Research Cooperative network have been entirely manual (see postings under Notes header on the top page). My goal has been to learn how the network has been expanding in various directions (linguistic, geographical, topical, occupational), based on the information provided in profile pages.It would be great if our host (Ning.com) could provide tools for network creators (and members) to do this kind of analysis.Any advice you can offer on this matter (by public or private response) would be appreciated, at any time.Best regards, Peter (Network 'creator')
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