Boris Geller


Location: Israel
Work interests: Police Officer, Forensic Scientist
Preferred contact method: Private note via Research Co-op
Preferred contact language(s): English, French, Russian
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Research Cooperative
16/05/18 10:21:08PM @chief-admin:

Hi... thanks for joining. If you would like some change in direction, your experience could be useful for archaeological projects or courses that teach archaeological science and methods. There is considerable overlap in the approaches needed. I don't have any personal contacts to offer, but you could look at universities that have advanced or specialised courses in archaeological science. Bradford University in the UK used to have such a course.

Boris Geller
16/05/18 08:23:57PM @boris-geller:
I am going to retire from the Israel Police after 25 years of sercice. End of terms January 1, 2019. Will be looking for a position of insrtuctor or lecturer in the field of Forensic Science abroad. No relocation problems. Reach experience in training colleagues from Europe, Fare East and Africa in English, French or Russian. Basic knowledge of Spanish.