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Location: Australia
Work interests: Academic editing
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Favourite publications: The New Yorker, London Review of Books


Because of my passions for both ancient Rome and language, I have recently enrolled to pursue a PhD in Classics which will focus on the application and understanding of certain Latin words and what that application implies about the cultural values of different eras of the Roman empire. The professional benefit for me as an academic editor will be heightened awareness of what it's like to write a lengthy piece of research, although I already have some personal familiarity with that challenging task through an MA in philosophy (U. of Melbourne, 1983). Members who work in empirical...

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Research Cooperative
22/04/18 05:36:37AM @chief-admin:

Thanks... Here's a sketch I made from Ostia Antiqua.

Please enjoy (note: you can prune comments on your own profile page at any time. This tree can be pruned too).


16/04/18 03:46:18PM @caerellia65:

Today, the website of my editing business (Manifesto Editing: went live! Feel free to visit and check out whether my services may suit your editing needs. You can also find me at and


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