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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Work interests: Kids' English teacher, travel writer
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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Work: language teaching
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Research Cooperative
13/01/12 09:44:11PM @chief-admin:

Dear Cathy,

Happy New Year... here is my card!

Dragon fruit and dragon-eye fruit.



Research Cooperative
22/04/11 05:08:14PM @chief-admin:

Dear Cathy,

Thanks very much for joining. You might like to see our groups for language and linguistics , Japan , New Zealand , and the Image Workshop , among others. And you are welcome to show some pictures and a link to your main photo archive, wherever it is located 'Flikr?).

Our network is not highly active as a place for discussion, and this is OK. I am trying to encourage

(a) a focus on issues related to research communication, across all the different topics, in order to make our role as a network clear and distinct from the huge, generic social networks, and

(b) direct contact between members with shared work interests, for their mutual benefit.

Cheers, P.


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