Translation and research synergies (& Translation Rapid Response Teams?)

Research Cooperative
21/08/10 07:20:19PM
This message is a cross-posting from a piece I wrote for the Synergy group at (a Ning network for professional translators).

There is a huge need for the translation of science writing and academicresearch, in order to facilitate academic links between people working
in different language groups, and also to bring scientific knowledge to
popular media, and to new audiences using local languages.

Itwould be good if commercial translators can sometimes join or initiate
volunteer collaborations with with scientists and science writers in
order to (a) challenge their own translation skills and gain marketable
experience, (b) gain visibility for their translation business, and (c)
develop working relationships that lead to opportunities for paid work
in the future.

For example, there is a large amount of academicand historical writing about the Indus River valley, in Pakistan, where
millions of people are now experiencing a long season of extreme

Translators working with people familiar with researchon the area could create a set of translated information resources that
help others understand the geophysical, historical, political and
social context in which the floods are taking place.

This ofcourse is a fantasy - that 'Translation Rapid Response Teams' can be
established for every natural and social disaster around the world.

Nevertheless, if anyone is interested, I hope that the Research Cooperative can be used to help set up such teams!