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  • For translators, transcription specialists, authors, publishers and readers.
  • Discuss any issues related to translation and transcribing....specialities, costs, tools, etc.
  • Note: transcription from handwriting or other text that is not machine readable, or from an audio recording, is often a first step before translation.

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Francess Day
15/07/22 02:53:46AM @francess-day:

Keep up the good work

Ijaz Khan
23/10/21 07:30:43PM @ijaz-khan:

Hello, I am free lance translator between English, Urdu and Pashto

Dr Akhilesh Kumar
24/06/11 02:51:34AM @dr-akhilesh-kumar:
Thank you for invitation.
Virgínia C. C. Teixeira da Silva
31/03/11 10:21:28PM @virginia-c-c-teixeira-da-silva:


First of all, nice to meet you all.

I have a lot of experience in freelance translations in English/Portuguese (European)and also from French and Spanish to English or Portuguese.

My prices are good and my quality even better.

I'm also available for volunteer translations for nongovernmental organizations.

Peter Gluck
15/02/11 05:05:27PM @peter-gluck:

My newsletter Info Kappa comprised a column of websearch and here I wrote inter alia about "WORDS, BOOKS and LIBRARIES" After 437 weekly issues the newsletter was stopped due to the Crisis and now it continues as my blog in English Ego Out - under the name- INFORMAVOREs SUNDAY. Two recent interesting papers re words:

First Measurement of 'Wordquakes' Shakingthe Blogosphere:

Wordly wisdom What determines the length of words? MIT researchers say they know:

Imam Bukhori
15/02/11 01:18:02PM @imam-bukhori:
this is creative idea to share knowledge to everyone. happy joint with your group
Alexandr Vorobyov
15/02/11 03:34:09AM @alexandr-vorobyov:
Happy to be with your group