Ijaz Khan

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Location: Peshawar
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Location: Peshawar and Islamabad
Work: Peace building, Human Rights, Foreign Policy, Anti Terrorism, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Pashtuns, South Asia
Biographical: ijazk@hotmail.com, Dr. Ijaz Khan Former Chairman & Professor, Department of IR, University of Peshawar Pakistan, Consultancy, Research, Book titled, Pakistan's Strategic Culture and Foreign Policy Making: A Study of Pakistan's Post 9/11 Afghan Policy Change, Nova Science Publ. NY English A, B Urdu A, B Pashto, Pashto A, B

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12/12/08 10:36:13AM @chief-admin:
Dear Dr Khan,I see - this means you can offer translations between:English and UrduEnglish and PashtoUrdu and PashtoThanks. P.
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