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Location: Cluj, Romania
Work: new energy sources real life problem solving methodology
Biographical: I am a 71 old editor-turned scientific researcher. I have two fields of interest- new energy sources as hydrino. of Randell Mills and finding general rules for solving difficult problems.

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Victor Bujor
20/08/11 03:46:28AM @victor-bujor:

Multumes, pentru aceptul the a corespunde siconecta cublogul Dvs. Nu pot sa vad blogul acum pentru ca este blocat pe computerul companiei la care muncesc (in Nevada, companie minerit de aur), dar cind vin acasa am sa il accesez pe computerul meu personal.


Research Cooperative
13/02/11 03:55:51PM @chief-admin:

Dear Peter,

I work at a museum in Japan that uses large amounts of energy to keep the storage and exhibition areas at constant temperature and humidity. Meanwhile, the flat roof of our building (about 1 ha in area) is painted with black sealant and absorbs heat that has to be removed in the summer, and that is not used effectively in winter.

It would be nice if there was some way of inputting the basic parameters of a structure (horizontal and vertical surface areas, orientation, height, interior air volumes, and geographical location) and then receiving a first approximate recommendation for efficient placement of solar panels, with and without assuming attachment is possible in any part of the structure described.

We need information of this sort as an approximate starting point for discussion with engineers.... specialists would of course quickly be able to assess the situation, but may be self-interested in selling a particular technology.

This is possibly a general problem for the effective transfer of knowledge about non-mainstream energy sources.


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