Translation of botanical Dutch to English (request for help)

Research Cooperative
05/07/11 12:50:02PM

I have a short text from Rumphius (1741-1756) Herbarium Amboinensis that needs to be translated into English from Dutch. I am able to pay a professional fee for this, for someone with suitable experience.

Please contact me by reply to this message.


Peter Matthews (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)

Lunetta Arco
09/07/11 04:18:28PM @lunetta-arco:

Dear Peter,

I am not sure whether my last message about the rate and the deadline reached you. can you please confirm?

I am waiting for your green light to start the translation.

Kind regards


Research Cooperative
09/07/11 10:00:52PM @chief-admin:


I replied by private email. Please reply to that to confirm.

Best regards, Peter

Lunetta Arco
05/07/11 04:32:35PM @lunetta-arco:

Dear Peter,

I can help you.

Would you send me the file so that I can have a look at it? I can give you an estimation on how much time I need to complete it and how much I would charge for it.

Please send the file directly to this e-mail address: