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Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Work: Manuscript writing, Collaborative research, Research funding, Rehabilitation Medicine, Stroke, spinal cord injury

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Research Cooperative
17/04/11 08:43:33PM @chief-admin:

Dear Farooq,

Sorry for the delay. Here is the starting point for our page for Pakistan:

Please join! Can you assist with administration of the page? (It will be very little work).

Perhaps this will help our members from Pakistan find each other more easily.


hira mubashar
19/12/10 11:55:57PM @hira-mubashar:

thank u so much sir!..

u hav always been a great help, and i m sure i ll keep on distrubing u :)

Research Cooperative
16/04/10 09:39:50PM @chief-admin:
Dear Fahrooq,I have created a group for "Health and Medicine" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please see here: Thanks, Peter
Nining Respati
18/12/09 08:05:51PM @nining-respati:
Because the advancing nations of the world, through one way we as members of the cooperative penelitiaan to make the nation prosperous nation. let us strive to promote the cooperative research, advances have to expand cooperation with those who need help, thank you
Nining Respati
18/12/09 07:58:46PM @nining-respati:
Welcome, sir we as members of the cooperative research go hand in hand to build the nations of the world, congratulations .... congratulations, thank you. respati.nining Indonesia
Research Cooperative
23/07/09 07:06:58PM @chief-admin:
Dear Farooq,I am really pleased to have you join. I am just out of hospital with after experiencing a very minor hernia. The pain was terrible, but I had all the benefits of a functioning, well-supported public health system. I sympathize with all the people who suffer much worse back injuries. Your work is REALLY important.Best regards, Peter (Kyoto)


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