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08/11/12 12:07:18PM

Comment by Peter Gluck on May 12, 2011

I dare to think that the New Energy revolution- specifically the Ni-H Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, developed by Francesco Piantelli and made industrial by Andrea Rossi could be of interest for many of my colleagues here. I am following closely the developments beiing one of the veterans of this area or research. It is info on my personal blog and I am ready to advise all those interested. It is a change of paradigm happening.

See please writings with labels NEW ENERGY on the Ego Out blog.

Peter Gluck
08/11/12 05:35:29PM @peter-gluck:

Dear Peter,

This is old stuff- in meantime I have reported about very important and

interesting developments in NEW ENERGY- please visit my blog and read

the writing with this label. It is a Now or Never, more precisely a Now

for Ever situation. A paradigm change takes place just now and in a few years

the Eergy Problem will be solved.

In the forefront it is a Greek Company- soon moving to Vancouver, canada

called DEFKALION GREEN ENERGIES GLOBAL- see please what I wrote about them on my Blog.

Best wishes to you Peter and all our colleagues,