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Raffaele Conte
25/08/12 05:55:24PM @raffaele-conte:

Penicillium after treatment with a solution of sodium hypochlorite ( 4- 5 ml of sodium hypochlorite diluited in 100 ml of water )


Raffaele Conte
25/08/12 05:52:59PM @raffaele-conte:



Raffaele Conte
25/08/12 05:51:54PM @raffaele-conte:

Aspergillus after treatment with a solution of benzalkonium chloride in water ( 4% w/v )


Raffaele Conte
25/08/12 05:49:54PM @raffaele-conte:



Raffaele Conte
25/08/12 05:48:05PM @raffaele-conte:

These are some pictures from my collection of images of moulds. I have used these for a publication in a peer-reviewed research journal. These images were obtained with a microscope using a magnification 16x - 40x.

Cathy Cawood
26/01/12 02:33:56PM @cathy-cawood:

I have a collection of photographs of Japan (many different subjects)here


Jared David May
11/02/09 06:23:30AM @jared-david-may:
I have images available at:


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