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Location: Berlin, Germany
Work: curach bhán publications – Daniel Büchner Specialized publisher for Celtic Studies, international Archaeology, Philologies, Editing Theorie, Critical & Diplomatic Editions, Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology, Social Sciences, History, Interdisciplinary Research, Palaeoecology, Communication of science and research, Education Theory
Biographical: curach bhán publications – Daniel Büchner Specialized publisher for Celtic Studies, international Archaeology, Philologies, Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology, Social Sciences, &c... Berlin / Germany Working languages: English, German curach bhán publications is a newly-established publishing house which aims to publish books of the highest quality, on a national and international level. Basically I'm looking for those books I would like to have in my own library ... ;-)) CBP is organized as a social business, i.e. I have to make profit to keep going, but I emphasize a friendly and fair dialogue with my authors, aimed to get the best deal for all ... My service always includes layout and typography (authors are supposed to write, not to waste their time formatting ...) and a peer-review. Free bibliographies (Bib-TeX) of various archaeological journals are also provided for general use...
Favourite Publications: Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Emania, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie, Journal of Nautical Archaeology, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Antiquity, ...

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Research Cooperative
04/02/11 08:47:36PM @chief-admin:

Dear Daniel,

I have now promoted you to Administrator for your own publication page. In principle you can change any aspect of this page except the URL. I would also appreciate it if you can keep the links to other parts of the network. They are needed to help people navigate intuitively between different related areas of the network. You can add links to other parts of the network as you wish.

To attract members to the pages for Celtic Studies, your publisher page, and your own website, you can post messages in all the relevant areas of our network: in the forums for editor requests, translator requests, reviewer requests, archaeology topic group, social science topic group, and so on. Each message needs to be made as relevant to the context as possible. Messages posted on any group page will be broadcast to all members of that group.

You can also use your publisher page and the Celtic Studies group to send out invitations to people outside the network, if you have an email list of authors and editors for example. If they decide to join the group, they will be automatically asked to sign up for the Research Cooperative network first.

Finally, if you can link to the Research Cooperative from inside the authors area of your publishing site (for example), this will help raise our visibility and your visibility at the same time. Potential and previous authors can be directed to our network as an area where they can look for various types of help before and after submitting a paper. For publishers, our network may prove to be most useful as a resource that can be recommended to authors whose work you have to reject. The rejection letter can be softened by offering a route for the author to improve their work, without the publisher needing to recommend a specific editor or translator.

Best regards, Peter (Admin)


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