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Ethnobotany, branding, and a communication gap for local food products

Recently I attended the Hornbill Festival in Kohima town, Nagaland. It was a great event in many ways. But when I bought local food products I...
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1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress, Nov. 6-9, New Delhi, India

I was very fortunate to be able to join this Congress as a member of the audience, picking and choosing from among many excellent sessions. I went...
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Dr Akhilesh Kumar

The Ethnobotanical Society: an international home for research and education in ethnobotany

Dear Colleagues, Welcome to our page for the Ethnobotanical Society working group. We invite discussion of the following matters. Official title...
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Dr Akhilesh Kumar

Title of the proposed Society

Dear Colleagues, Welcome to the Ethnobotanical Society page. You are invited to join discussions of our working group for establishment of an...
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The Ethnobotany Society

Dr Kumar has proposed here the establishment of an international society for ethnobotany. Although related societies for ethnobiology and economic...
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