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Direct visual evidence of alien or human dwelling or Lunar Base on the South Pole of the Moon

user image 2024-04-19
By: Dr. Hari Mohan Saxena
Posted in: Lunar South Pole
Direct visual evidence of alien or human dwelling or Lunar Base on the South Pole of the Moon

            Two space enthusiast brothers from Rajasthan, India have presented the direct visual evidence of presence of aliens or humans on the South Pole of the Moon for the first time in the world. Dr. Hari Mohan Saxena, a retired Professor living in Jaipur and Mr. Jag Mohan Saxena, a retired Bank Officer based in Bikaner have published their latest findings on hitherto unknown alien or human activity on the Moon in the April 2024 issue of the prestigious New York Science Journal published from USA.  

Fig 1 Image with label for print.jpg

Location of the enigmatous structure inside the Shackleton Crater on the Moon.

Fig 2 Location of the generator with names of craters.jpg

Topography of the South Pole region of the Moon where the structure was sighted

Fig 3 AI enhanced image of Transformer  generator.jpeg

The transformer like structure (top) and the generator like object (centre) in the cave on the Moon

            The duo have obtained an extremely rare image of the lunar surface sifting through several thousand kilometres of the vast lunar imagery taken by NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera available in the public domain. The image reveals a strange cylindrical metallic object about 2 – 3 meters long, placed horizontally inside a cave on the South Pole of the Moon. They speculated that it could be an electricity generator. Another structure in the vicinity, located above the cave includes an array of numerous large rectangular metallic frames, roughly 6 x 4 meters in size. They suggest that this could possibly be an electric transformer. The two structures together could possibly be the part of an electricity production unit for supplying electricity to a hidden lunar base or an alien or human colony inside the caves on the South Pole of the Moon. The enigmatic assembly is located towards the periphery inside the Shackleton Crater at the lunar South Pole (Lat.: -89.63068, Lon.: 92.77928).

            The discoverer duo claims that the technologically advanced structure and reflective surfaces of these objects confirm the advanced science and engineering behind them. They prominently stand out in the lunar background and are strikingly different from the common image artefacts, rocks, boulders, mounds or fragments of meteorites or piles of regolith found on the Moon. The finding could have profound implications for the lunar exploration as it pin points the location and provides the first direct visual evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, signs of advanced living form or aliens or unknown human colonization on the South Pole of the Moon.

            The authors had earlier published in the prestigious US journal Nature and Science last year several images of a very large and technologically advanced structure on the precise point of lunar South Pole at the rim of the Shackleton crater which they speculated to be an alien colony or a lunar base unknown to the Earthlings.

Hari and Jag Mohan photo.jpg

The discoverers, Jag Mohan Saxena (left) and Dr. Hari Mohan Saxena (right)


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