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Location: Godhra, Gujarat
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Location: Godhra, Gujarat, INDIA
Work: Ethnobiology, Ethnobotany, Bio Diversity
Biographical: Dept. of Biology, SPT Arts and Science College, Godhra, Dist: Panchmahals - 389001 Gujarat, India.
Favourite Publications: Blumea Lifesciences leaflets Indian traditional journal of Knowledge Ethnobotany leaflets Scientific publisher, Jodhpur Advances plant sciences

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10/04/11 05:21:20AM @christopher-narh:
dr. How are you doing. It's been puite a while.
Research Cooperative
20/03/11 09:59:36PM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Patel,

When you go to the Login Page at ERA, notice the small print underneath:

Not a user? Register with this site Forgot your password?

You should be able to follow the link on that page to become a registered site user.

Cheers, Peter

Research Cooperative
18/03/11 10:20:33AM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Patel,

The Research Cooperative is not the publisher of this or other journals. You may follow the link here to learn about ERA: : http://www.ethnobotanyjournal.org/

Regards, Peter

13/03/11 09:58:48PM @christopher-narh:

Dr. I am just good. I hope u are also fine. I saw u and added u so that we can relate. I'm from Ghana. Nice meeting u Dr.



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