Dr. Sangeeta Prasher

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Location: Jalandhar, Punjab
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Location: Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Work: I am working in Material Fabrication and Characterization basically in polymer sciences. the charaterization techniques include raman spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, XRD and Electrical properties
Biographical: I am working as an assistant professor at Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar. I have got my Ph.D. degree in Physics in 2005. and now teaching post graduate classes.
Favourite Publications: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics B Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids Journal of Applied Physics Physical Review B Journal of Polymer Sciences Journal of non Crystalline solids

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Dr. Sangeeta Prasher
28/05/13 07:05:04PM @dr-sangeeta-prasher:
Lei T
04/05/10 09:58:27AM @lei-t:
Thanks. Very nice to meet you here!
Research Cooperative
24/04/10 06:48:50PM @chief-admin:
Dear Sangeeta,I have just had my first PhD student graduate with a degree in archaeology, looking at anceint starch residues on stone tools in Japan. In the last 10 years, archaeologists have found these natural organic semi-crystalline materials (starch) in very diverse environments. Until now, there has been no serious physical study and comparison of modern and ancient starch. The discoveries of archaeologists represent a challenge to natural and physical scientists to (a) explain how the starch is preserved, and (b) consider what this might signify for our understanding of natural carbon sequestration in soils.This might not be an 'economic field' to work with, but if no-one is working on ancient starch in India, then it may be a very attractive field for research funding aimed at understanding the agricultural cultural heritage of India, and the physical qualities of arable soils.Please Google 'ancient starch' to learn more about this...Peter


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