Francisco H C Felix

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Location: Brazil
Work interests: Health sciences
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Location: Brazil, Ceara, Fortaleza
Work: Oncology Neurology Pediatrics
Favourite Publications: Science New England Journal of Medicine Journal of Clinical Oncology Pediatric Blood and Cancer Journal of Neuro-oncology Jornal de Pediatria

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Research Cooperative
24/02/12 11:17:35AM @chief-admin:

Dear Francisco,

Thanks very much for joining. I hope our network will be useful for you, eventually. It takes some time to explore... You might like to join a couple of groups within our network:

Research Co-op Brazil

Health and Medicine

We can also create a new group, e.g. specifically for discussion of communication in cancer research, if you would like to see such a group develop. At present, we have about 50 members with some interest in cancer .

Best regards, Peter


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