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Location: India
Work interests: Area of Interest are Information Security, Digital Watermarking, Artificial Intelligence, DBMS, JAVA, PHP, HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Node.js, AngularJS, Reacr.Js, MySQL & MongoDB.
Affiliation/website: Software Engineer
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Location: india
Work: Software Engineer and Researcher in Information security & Watermarking.

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1. Gaurav Kumar,"Novel Method for Watermark Java Program" Published on International Journal Emerging Technology and Advance Engineering(IJETAE  ISSN 2250-2459, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal, UGC Recommended Journal, Approved by “National Science Library (NSL)”, “National Institute of Science Communication and Information...

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13/08/17 06:58:58PM @chief-admin:

Hi Kumar,

Thanks very much for the profile update!

Is it possible to build digital watermarks into text fonts in a way that allows authors to track in real-time where their work has been copied to? What I have in mind is something that would be embedded randomly at a certain frequency throughout a text, so that copies of any length of text over a certain threshold can be tracked.

This would be useful for:

(1) empirical studies of citation where other authors have legitimately copied and quoted a section of text, as well as for

(2) detection of plagiarism...

... since other authors, being inherently lazy, are highly likely to copy and paste rather than rewrite longer segments of text manually.

It is likely that major publishers have already developed this kind of technology, but has anything been developed that could be easily used by the originators of a text?

Best regards, Peter M. (Admin, Research Co-op)


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