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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Work: Research
Biographical: Address: 205C ICU Global House 3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka-shi Tokyo-181 0015 Language: Bengali and English.

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Iftekharul Bashar
09/10/08 07:07:48PM @iftekharul-bashar:
Dear Mostofa Bhai,Thanks for your message. It's great to join you all at RC.Regards,Utpal
07/10/08 10:28:21AM @hiro4678:
Thank you for inviting me.
Mahmud T.H. Khan
06/10/08 07:42:31PM @mahmud-th-khan:
you are most welcome, mostofa.
Fayez Ahmed
27/09/08 12:39:31AM @fayez-ahmed:
Mostofa,really a gerat site !
Md. Rafiqul Islam
22/09/08 07:35:56PM @md-rafiqul-islam:
bondhu,thanks for sending this link.all the best.rafiq
Geoffrey Philip Mwesigwa
21/09/08 10:32:20AM @geoffrey-philip-mwesigwa:
Golam thank you very much for your shared brilliant peace ideas
Morgan Pillay
20/09/08 08:05:13PM @morgan-pillay:
Dear Mostafa,thank you for introducing us to this great site...I am sure it will help us tremendously!!cheers,Morgan
Research Cooperative
19/09/08 09:19:48PM @chief-admin:
Dear Golam,Our Japanese colleagues can now see an introduction for the Research Cooperative on our site, here: Introduction in Japanese P.
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