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Research Cooperative
18/05/23 04:54:18PM @chief-admin:

Thanks very much for joining.

Please tell us when the book is published!

Best regards,

Peter (Admin./researcher in plant and human relationships and crop origins)

Husain Shahid1602
18/05/23 05:38:59AM @husain-shahid1602:

I have resumed writing for The News, Pakistan's national English daily as a contributor. My eight stories have been used by the editors at The News on Sunday. Currently I am in Ontario working on my fourth book based on my hypothesis, "Relationship between Nature and Homo-sapiens." My hypothesis has been approved by three eminent scientists and educationists. Paul Brown has written the preface of my fourth book. He now writes a weekly column for The Guardian, conduct workshops and write books. He continues to send me his wonderful books. I have widely traveled as a journalist and bagged both national and international awards. 

Shahid Husain


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