Ian M Clothier

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Location: New Plymouth, New Zealand
Work: Nonlinearity, cultural hybridity, integrated systems, feedback, information systems and the realtionship of theses to actualising creative projects
Biographical: Artist and researcher working in robotics, augmented reality, sensor based art works in the context of environment and culture.

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Korina Stewart
12/10/08 04:23:53AM @korina-stewart:
sensor-based art works in the context of environment and culture...mmm sounds interesting: can u tell me more?
Research Cooperative
11/10/08 07:44:05PM @chief-admin:
Dear Ian,If you ever manage to reach Kyoto, I can take you two stops down the line to Kyoto Station and a small movie theatre devoted to Atom Ant, the original robot with a heart.And just across the river lie the headquarters of Nintendo. The ferryman is waiting (but you can take a taxi across the bridge just to be safe).P.Cheers, Peter


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