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IGS Bookkeeping

With over 18 years of industry experience, we offer accounting and bookkeeping services to CPAs, accounting practices and businesses in the USA, Canada and Australia. Our bookkeeping professionals are qualified and well-trained to effectively manage your books in order.

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Research Cooperative
30/12/22 11:38:27AM @chief-admin:


Thanks for joining.

The role of accounting in the scientific world is both essential and problematic, as science is inherently unpredictable and requires flexibility in spending in order to operate effectively.

In contrast, budget planning and accounting depend on predictable patterns of spending and reporting. The tension can be partly resolved by science and education policies that allow actual spending to deviate from planned spending, within certain limits.

In Japan, where I work, there is some flexiblity in the accounting system for research-related spending, but not much. I doubt that a perfect balance has been achieved in any country!

Peter (Admin., Research Co-op)


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