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Research Cooperative
13/09/23 09:30:44PM @chief-admin:

Dear Iman,

Please post your request in the forum for editing requests here:


I recommend that you describe the topic of your work, and what kind of publisher or audience you are aiming to reach.

That will make it for easier for potential editors or others to offer assistance.

Someone might be interested in the topic and be willing to read a sample and give initial comments on a volunteer basis.

Best regards, Peter

Iman Banoub
11/09/23 10:45:43AM @iman-banoub:

Hello...I came across your name on Linkedin whilst searching for an editor. I have a manuscript that is currently 150 pages. I will be adding 2 - 3 chapters in the next couple of months. How much are your rates for editing and proofreading? Is it by the page or word? 

You are welcome to contact me via email at:

I will try to get my hands on your book: Neither King nor Saint

P.S. I am on LinkedIn under Iman Banoub

I apologize for contacting you via this medium/platform. I was not able to send a message via LinkedIn to inquire about your rates.

Thank you kindly,



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