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Location: Dublin, Ireland
Work: I have a Ph.D. in Zoology, and an honours degree in Natural Sciences. I am a native English speaker and have a certificate in proofreading. I would like to offer proofreading at a reasonable rate in all areas of biology and for all types of documents in English.
Favourite Publications: Zoo Biology, New Scientist, Animal Behaviour, Oryx, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Nature

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Research Cooperative
27/07/13 09:09:20PM @chief-admin:

Dear Jenny,

Thanks for joining our network and using our forums.

It might also be productive (for you) to join various relevant focus groups inside our network, in order to advertise proofreading services there, namely:


animal sciences

editors & proofreaders

Unfortunately, we only have about 30 members in Ireland , so I have not yet created a country focus group for Ireland. If you can help us promote the Research Cooperative in Itreland, I'd be grateful!

Best regards, Peter (Admin., Kyoto)


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