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Location: Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
Work: Reform of the Security Sector in Latin America using citizen security as main paradigm
Biographical: English and Spanish. Currently Regional Director for Latin America and Caribbean for the AFSC.
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07/06/11 10:13:30PM @chief-admin:

Dear Jorge,

My home country, New Zealand, is rated as one of the most peaceful and safe countries in the world, but many years ago my older brother was threatened and roughed up by older boys in a public park near our house - for no obvious reason - so he decided to increase his personal security by learning aikido, one of the martial arts of self-defence. This helped give him self-confidence, even though he fortunately was never again threatened in our neighborhood.

Perhaps his brief period of training in aikido was most important in helping him be more self-aware of his position in relation to other people around him, so that he could actually avoid dangerous situations more effectively.

In any case, I think martial arts in Japan, where I live, has a major role simply in building a sense of community among all the children who participate in the training, and this is part of what creates civic security here in Japan.


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