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Research Cooperative
30/11/18 09:48:42PM @chief-admin:

Hi... I have moved your account into an area for "advanced regular members".

This allows you to post up to 10 files in pdf and a few other formats, under a "files" tab separate from the blog itself.

I had to fill in a couple of required profile details on your profile. Please check and change them as appropriate. (Our network is designed primarily to be a public space, not private or anonymous.)

I'm not sure if me letting members post files is a great idea from a security perspective, but it can be a useful feature.

For more effective online archiving of research documents (and not just published papers), Researchgate is the best service I know of (


Cheers, P.

Research Cooperative
29/11/18 10:03:32PM @chief-admin:

Dear Karl,

Thanks for joining. You are welcome to show your articles here. I hope readers will give you some feedback!

Best regards, Peter (Admin)


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