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Location: UK, South Africa and Kenya
Work: Freelance documentary photographer interested in Autism research in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Research Cooperative
23/02/12 10:44:02AM @chief-admin:

Dear Karen,

Thanks. Actually there is not much engagement yet, by most members, most of the time, but I think this is actually usual for most online networks. Our focus is research communication, and educational communication based on research, but not all of our members are currently actively engaged as research writers. I just hope that they can imagine using our network to look for help before and when they need it.

Perhaps the magic ingredient needed for more engagement is active interest from publishers... especially from local and regional and minor-languagepublishers that have not sold themselves to major commercial publishing companies.

One goal of this network is to create a socio-ecological system that supports diversity in research and research communication and education. We do need mainstream and international publishers, but we also need all the trophic levels beneath them.

David R. Purnell, MA, AMI
22/02/12 07:53:51AM @david-r-purnell-ma-ami:

Hi Karen. Welcome to the Image Workshop!

Research Cooperative
21/02/12 08:02:59PM @chief-admin:

Dear Karen,

I am very keen to develop and promote interactions between researchers, illustrators/photographers and publishers.

In fact, tomorrow, I will be introducing the museum where I work to a professional free-lance photographer who is also a member of our network (and happens to live nearby in Osaka). We will be looking at examples of New Guinea stone tools from the 1860s, together with an archaeologist.

Best regards, Peter (Admin.)

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