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Location: Hirakata City, Osaka Pref. Japan
Work: Not imagine at this moment, but it would be nice if I could help to you as volunteer or could finish off miscellaneous tasks or something else.
Favourite Publications: I cannot be answered in a word at this moment, because so many I am interested in..

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Research Cooperative
12/12/11 03:52:11PM @chief-admin:

Dear Cohlogi-san,

If you are working in an organisation that tries to support small-companies and businesses around Osaka, then maybe my note on social network ecology will make some sense to you.

Even a traditional street business depends on social networks to exist. In Osaka, there may be many communication-related, language-service businesses, printing, and publishing that are more-or-less involved with the research world.

I would be grateful for any advice about this, in Osaka specifically.

Thanks, Peter

Research Cooperative
08/12/11 12:59:43PM @chief-admin:

Dear Cohlogi-san,

Next week we will receive the second proof of our Co-op brochure in Japanese. I will send some copies to you when the final version is printed.

Thanks for your visit,



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