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Location: Australia
Work: Photosynthesis, microbial balancing, carbon sequestration, methane management, mineral sequestration and organic nutrient management
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Research Cooperative
22/08/10 08:11:59PM @chief-admin:
Dear Ken,I have created a new group called "Energy research" inside the Research Cooperative. This group will focus on how energy research is communicated across all media, scientific and popular. The group is open to researchers, editors, translators, publishers, and others. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please follow this link: Thanks, Dr Peter Matthews (for the Research Cooperative)
Sharon Bellamy
02/08/10 02:28:45PM @sharon-bellamy:
If anyone is interested in what Ken has been up to recently go to his some of his artciles
Research Cooperative
07/04/10 09:25:05AM @chief-admin:
Dear Ken,I just came upon an area of the Nature website called Nature Precedings , where material can be presented before formal publication elsewhere, in order to claim priority and get feedback. I have not looked into it in any detail, but maybe it could be useful for you.
Research Cooperative
17/09/09 07:43:06AM @chief-admin:
Dear Ken,My impression is that exotic rabbits have been one of the main causes of defoliation and soil erosion - perhaps as a result of short grazing by exotic sheep and cattle (the rabbits like to start with short grass). Is there much discussion of combining new kinds of soil management with less damaging kinds of grazing? Are any journals and research organisations in Australia encouraging research in such directions?


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