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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Work: To work as any Environmental issue such as Ecology, Biodiversity, Resources management, Sustainable energy ,Climate Change, Disaster management, integrated coastal management, conservation management, Public Health, Water treatment, Waste management, Environmental pollution(both indoor & outdoor), etc and also keenly interested in Mass media, Journalism, Administrative works and Socio-Environmental issues.
Biographical: • Training and Workshop in various Environmental issues • Research Assistance in international Org. • Participation in Seminar & Conference in various Environmental issues • Field experience & Paper submission in various issues • Working as freelance Environmental Journalist &Column Writer

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Research Cooperative
16/04/10 09:30:47PM @chief-admin:
Dear Khalid,I have created a group for "Health and Medicine" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please see here: Thanks, Peter


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