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Location: Las Cruces, NM
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Location: Las Cruces, NM, U.S.A.
Work: Plant antimicrobial research & Clinical Pathology.
Biographical: Kristina Turner, M.S. M.S. Biology (Microbiology focus), New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, U.S.A., December 2006 B.A. in Biology & Foreign Languages (German/Russian), December 2003
Favourite Publications: American Society of Microbiology

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Dr. Mohammad Zashim Uddin
09/09/11 09:25:26PM @dr-mohammad-zashim-uddin:

Dear K Turner,

Please read Article on Xanthium

Bangladesh Med Res Counc Bull 2009: 35: 84-90

Research Cooperative
20/04/10 09:41:58PM @chief-admin:
Dear Kristina,I have created a new group called "The Chemical World" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please see here: Thanks, Peter (Administrator, The Research Cooperative)
Dr. Mohammad Zashim Uddin
05/05/09 01:14:22AM @dr-mohammad-zashim-uddin:
Ghagra article for publication.docHi kristinaThanks. i am recording medicinal use of plant by the local people through interview. the result promotes pharmacological research to find new chemicals for the discovery of new drugs. i am sending herewith an article on rough cocklebur for your comments.
Vinod Devidas Devarkar
04/05/09 07:12:20PM @vinod-devidas-devarkar:
No dear i have no been worked on antimicrobial activities of any plant. basically iam plant taxonomist.
Dr. Mohammad Zashim Uddin
03/05/09 11:47:20PM @dr-mohammad-zashim-uddin:
Hi KritinaThanks. Currently my research focus is to document traditional knowledge about plants particularly medicinal plants and to document the forest flora here in Bangladesh.
Dr. Mohammad Zashim Uddin
02/05/09 01:45:16AM @dr-mohammad-zashim-uddin:
Hi Kristina, I don't know much about plant antimicrobial research, but if I come across anyone working in that area I'll be sure to let you know. Cheers, Dr. Mohammad Z Uddin
Andrew Clarke
10/04/09 07:18:36PM @andrew-clarke:
Hi Kristina. Thanks for your comment. I don't know much about plant antimicrobial research, but if I come across anyone working in that area I'll be sure to let you know. Cheers, Andrew.
Kristina Turner, M.S.
18/03/09 05:59:46AM @kristina-turner-ms:
Actually, there are two enantiomers of gossypol, the (+)-enantiomer does not trigger the cytotoxicity and sperm suppression that the (-)-enantiomer causes, but is still biactive and they have separate breakdown pathways, so the (+)-enantiomer is a better candidate for systemic use in humans for medicine. The studies in China and the cancer treatment use racemic mixtures of the enantiomers, so the toxicity is a significant issue. Gossypol is a non-nucleoside retroviral inhibitor of HIV-1, reversible calcineurin inhibitor (it does not need matchmaker proteins like cyclosporin does, so it does not inactivate calcineurin). Gossypol is so bioactive, the (+)-gossypol versus (-)-gossypol research could allow it to be used without causing the toxicity issues.
Vinod Devidas Devarkar
18/03/09 01:29:13AM @vinod-devidas-devarkar:
hi Kristina.. got your comment.. as you are doing your graduate research on antimicrobial activity of gossypol, you can add one interesting note on the effect of gossypol on the sperm count in males ie sperm count gradually decreases as you continue taking crude oil of cotton. this means that gossypol may be used as male contraceptive in males.... keep commenting..


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