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Location: Australia, Canberra
Work: Translation English <> Dutch Editing
Biographical: Although I specialise in the translation of environmental science related texts as a result of my training, I have a broad interest and translate texts in a variety of subjects and fields. I am conscientious and enjoy learning. Because I take pride in delivering quality translations, I always check my translations thoroughly before sending them off! My excellent Dutch language skills are a result of 25 years of living in the Netherlands where I enjoyed a quality education. I keep up my knowledge of the evolving Dutch language by regular and extended visits to the Netherlands, frequent communication and reading a wide variety of Dutch material. My thorough command of the English language deepened during years of study in several English-speaking countries. In 1995 I moved to Australia. Since then I have worked for the government and its main scientific research organisation and published several journal articles. I briefly worked as an editor on a national project on water use modelling while at CSIRO. I have also spent some time assisting the Dutch Embassy, using both my language skills and my friendly and professional manner with clients.

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20/12/11 02:18:23PM @chief-admin:

Hi Linda,

Your translations are now live, here for the welcome , and here for the history .

Both pages are linked to the other, and both are linked to your profile page through the acknowledgement at the fot of each page.

Eventually I will set up a language page for members who wish to communicate with each other here (inside the network), using Dutch (Nederlands), and a country focus group for the Netherlands (or should it be Holland?).

Thanks again!

Peter (Kyoto)

Please let me know if anything needs to be changed (I used Google translate to help with the link terms).


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