Location: Dhaka Bangladesh
Work interests: Food Safety & Hygiene
Preferred contact method: Comment on my profile page
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: telephone or e-mail
Favourite publications: Sunzid Ahmed, Sharmin Zaman, Razu Ahmed, Md. Nazim Uddin, Antonio Acedo Jr., Md. Latiful Bari*(2017). Effectiveness of non-chlorine sanitizers in improving the safety and quality of fresh betel leaf. LWT - Food Science and Technology. (78): 77-81.Sharmin Zaman, Anowara Begum, K. S. Rabbani and Latiful Bari* (2016). Low cost and sustainable surface water purification methods using moringa seeds and scallop powder followed by bio-sand filtration. Water Science & Technology: Water Supply. © IWA Publishing. 2016. DOI: 10.2166/ws.2016.111Sunzid Ahmed, Nahinur Rahman Akand, Md. Tanvir Islam, Arafat-Al -Mamun, Md. Latiful Bari (2015). Effectiveness of scallop powder ice in reducing bacterial load on fresh whole fish and in the melted ice water. LWT - Food Science and Technology 64 (2015): 270-274Md. Latiful Bari*, Katsuyoshi Enomoto, Daisuke Nei, and Shinichi Kawamoto (2011). Development of Effective Seed Decontamination Technology to Inactivate Pathogens on Mung Bean Seeds and Its Practical Application in Japan. JIRCAS Agricultural Research Quarterly (JARQ). 45( 2) : 153-161.

Turning waste into worth through research

Dr. Latiful Bari is a food safety and hygiene expert with formal education in Biochemistry, food microbiology and veterinary public health and has been working in the field of food safety and food security...

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1. Microbial risk Assessment along the Production Line of Flexi Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) Manufacturing Company Intended to Use for Food.

2. Development of low-cost novel sanitizers for fresh vegetables.

3. microbial biofertilizer in improving soil fertility and increased crop yield

4. low codt natural decoloring technology

5. use of benificial microorganisms in food safety and quality




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