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Location: India
Work interests: Social Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Indigenous Studies
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I have conducted research in the Andes of South America, and in the Himalayas of Northeast India, and am generally interested is the intersection between indigenous knowledge, sacred ecology, and modernity. My doctoral research at Edinburgh explored the relationship between dreams, sacred landscapes, and personhood among the Nagas in India. I am the editor-in-chief of The South Asianist and co-editor of The Highlander, both open access journals published by Edinburgh University. I am also on the editorial board of Gitanjali and Beyond which promotes creative writing,...

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Michael T Heneise
13/12/17 07:59:35PM @michael-heneise:

That sounds wonderful!  I have not visited Manas National Park - yet - it is on a very long list of places I very much want to visit soon. Sadly, there is very little fauna here in Nagaland anymore, and this is big problem, and something I hope we can do something about at the institute - whether through awareness-building, policy papers, working with community elders, etc... Everytime i visit Assam I am reminded of this.

Research Cooperative
12/12/17 08:54:07PM @chief-admin:

Hi Michael,

A brother and sister of your Gypsy carried me around Manas National Park for two days. It was really a great trip... could see more elephants, on India side and also on the Bhutan side of Manas River. Enjoyed a stunning view along the edge of Himalaya where the river emerges from the mountains. And more taro of course. And wild pig, wild chicken, something like a bison, rhinoceros, wild peacocks, huge flocks of birds, and a long tailed langur.


Michael T Heneise
09/12/17 01:50:22AM @michael-heneise:

Hi Peter,

Just changed my profile image, and playing around with the functionalities. Good stuff!  Safe travels back to Japan!  M

Research Cooperative
08/12/17 02:29:14PM @chief-admin:

 Hi Michael,

I reached Guwahati safely the long way back, and now have a day for catching up with email. Thanks for all the help and good company in Kohima and Diphu.



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