Muhammad Aslam Khan

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Work: As I hold PhD degree in International Relations, all subjects relevant to IR are my areas of interest.
Biographical: Brig Gen (Retired) from Pakistan Army, served 32 years. Has been instructor in Pakistan Military (Officers) Academy, commanded a Divisional as well as Corps Artillery, with two tenures in prestigious Military Operations Directorate and twice served as ‘Director’ in GHQ. Hold first class Master’s degree in International Relations as well as PhD, acquired in 2002-2007 from University of Peshawar, Pakistan. Also authored a book published by a US publisher and member of IFIMES institute, an analyst on Modern Diplomacy and featured author of Eurasian Review. E-mail:
Favourite Publications: Europe Asia Studies Journal, Journal of Central Asian Studies, Atlantic Community, Foreign Policy, Eurasian Review.