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Research Cooperative
29/03/18 08:01:42AM @chief-admin:

Dear Mswab

Thanks very much for joining. Your direct email address will not be visible to others unless you make it so. Replies posted here on your profile page will be forwarded, so there is no real need to make your address public.

Messages can also be forwarded to you privately using your username in the Private Notes service, which any member can find in the submenu under his or her own username.

Peter (Admin.)
29/03/18 06:18:21AM @mwasb600ampscom:

Location: So. Oregon Coast. Affiliation: Work interests:biosystematics of Hymenroptera:Pompilidae and Tiphiidae of the New World.Research Assoc. Bohart Mus. Univ. Calif. Davis. Preferred contact method, email in English. Favorite pubs: research articles on above mentioned groups