Tips for Networking, No. 2

Research Cooperative
27/12/16 11:43:28PM

Email settings, II

Welcome to the second issue of Tips for Networking

Date: Jan. 31st 2011.

Publisher: The Research Cooperative, Kyoto & Auckland. Circulation: c. 3,100.
Previous issue: Nov. 13th 2010
Today we continue with technical advice concerning email and messaging

To reach the controls for email, click on the ' Settings ' tab under your Sign Up/Sign In/Sign Out Panel (after signing in. Look for the ' Email ' tab under 'My Settings':


Clicking on the ' Email ' tab will display a set of panels with options. I will show three of the panels here. First:


This is how I have my own page set up. The selected kinds of email will be sent automatically to my usual (private) email address, as well as to my In Box at the Research Cooperative. Other senders in the Research Cooperative will not see my private email address.

Messages from 'The Research Cooperative' are messages sent by the administration to all members, like the present ' Tips for Networking '. I don't need to send these to myself because I am the administration. I do not send them very often, so please make a positive selection for this option!

The next panel shows this:

Contactrequests.jpg 'Contact requests' is similar to ' Friend requests ' on other social networks. Other people might want to make direct contact with you (make a request) about something related to their work or your work. Or they might just like your profile photo. Do you want these requests to be forwarded your personal email address? Please make your own decision.

A 'group invitation' means an invitation to join one of our many special-purpose groups, e.g. our country pages, language pages, social page, and others. Any member of a group is free to invite other people to join the group.

Finally, I have to admit that some members may not wish to have any mail forwarded to their private address. The last panel makes it easy to decline all messages:


If you choose this option, then emails from the Research Cooperative will only be sent to your 'In Box' on your personal page (My Page), and you can choose to see them whenever you visit at the Research Cooperative.

An alternative approach is to allow a range of network messages to be forwarded to your private mail address, and then use your own email labeling and filtering tools to manage them inside your email account (Gmail, Hotmail etc.)

If you have tried changing your email settings, and would like to ask any questions about them, please contact me ( http://researchcooperative. org/profile/PeterMatthews). In the next issue, I will discuss ' privacy settings '.

Thank you.

PS. Hosting, content development, and promotion for our network all cost something. If members would like to help in some way, please see: Donate, or 'Sponsorship and the Research Cooperative', and also: Our supporters.

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