Tips for Networking, No. 9

Research Cooperative
28/12/16 12:18:43AM

Today's topic: Inviters and greeters

Welcome to the ninth issue of Tips for Networking

Date: January 18th, 2012.
Publisher: The Research Cooperative. Circulation: c. 3,600.
Previous issue: Jan. 15th, 2012 (example offers and requests).
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The future success of our network will depend on members enjoying contact with other members.

I recently enjoyed lunch with a group of our members in Manila, while visiting that city for my research (thanks Al!). And I enjoyed morning coffee with another member in Hanoi, not long ago, on a research trip there (thanks Tuan!).

It was great to meet such enthusiastic members of our network.

We cannot all expect to meet in person, but many of us can be active as online 'Inviters and greeters' for the Research Cooperative (thanks David!).

Imagine that we are all living in large house with many rooms (and an infinite field of dreams outside - the world of science).

It is kind of lonely here... We need more visitors!

Any member of Research Cooperative can help by inviting others to join us. Our new group page for 'Inviters and greeters' will make it easier for you to meet other members who like to invite and receive guests.

We can make the network more social - to make our work more effective.

Science is a social activity.

Best wishes to all, for a social and scientific year,

Peter (Admin.)

PS. This is me (under hat) with my retired, former ecology teacher and his wife on Great Barrier Island, Aotearoa, one year ago. My postman's holiday :-)


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