Tips for Networking, No. 13

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28/12/16 12:37:30AM

Personal details and your profile page

Welcome to the thirteenth issue of Tips for Networking

Date: 12th February, 2013.
Publisher: The Research Cooperative. Circulation: c. 4,200.
Previous issue: 19th Nov., 2012 (How to invite others).
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Dear Research Co-op Member,

A large number of our members come from countries where internet use has not been common until relatively recently.

In such countries, there may be less experience of the problems that can arise when too much personal information is posted in public (open) networks like ours.

Consider the following areas of personal information:

• Place of Birth
• Marriage status
• Number of children

• Home address and phone number

Such details are suitable for a job application sent to a trusted public organisation. Public institutions are usually required to keep such information confidential. 

Such details are not necessary for joining our network.

Of course, if you really want people to know such details, then you are free to make them public.But as a general principle, it is better for our members to focus on providing information relevant to their interests in research and scientific communication (place of work, work contact details, educational history, and so on).

Profile details can be revised at any time after joining.

Even if the above matter is not a concern for you, I recommend reviewing the details of your profile after you have become more familiar with the aims and potential uses of our network.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Peter Matthews (Research Co-op Admin., Kyoto)



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