Tips for Networking, No. 14

Research Cooperative
28/12/16 12:44:15AM

Messages for offers, request, and invitations

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of Tips for Networking

Today's topic: Messages for offers, request, and invitations

Date: 16th March, 2013.
Publisher: The Research Cooperative. Circulation: c. 6,900.

Many new members have joined over the last two months. We now have almost 8000 members.

The Research Cooperative occasionally sends out ' Tips for Networking ' and also more general notes under the title of ' Research Cooperative Review '. These appear at irregular intervals according to my own research, travel, and writing schedule.

Today's tips :

(1) If you need help, or can offer help, please post your offer or request in more than one place in our network.

This will make it easier for others to discover your message. It is also good to add keyword tags at the bottom of each message.

You can post offers or requests in our main forums, or in any relevant focus group (see all groups home).

Remember that readers may follow your messages back to your profile page, in order to judge whether or not to reply. Your profile data should be consistent with your messages, and can help to establish trust between you and other s.

(2) By inviting other people to join our network, you can help make the Research Cooperative more useful,

Here's how...

a. Send the following link in a personal email, with an explanation of why the invitation is sent (this link will be valid until further notice):

http://researchcooperative. org/?xgi=55dPo6Mw2E2ryR

b. Use the Invite tab in the main menu of our network (you can only see this tab after signing in).

There is a sending limit of up to 100 invitations per day per member.  Add email addresses manually, or add contacts from Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, or by importing from an Address book. Logos for the other social services are shown in the invitation options panel. If you do not use such services, it is easy to add email addresses manually.

NB. Please explain why you are sending the invitation. Something like the following message can be used:

Hello [or Dear Person's Name, if sending message to just one person],

I am sending this invitation because the Research Cooperative network might be useful for you, or your colleagues.
Please have a look, and consider joining. 

Thanks, [Your name].

Yours sincerely,

Dr Peter Matthews (Research Co-op Admin., Kyoto)



If you would like invite others to join our network, sign in, then use our invite page.

If you have forgotten your password, see our FAQ on how to get a new password.